Morning Coffee Series

Welcome to the new season of the Morning Coffee Series. Take ten minutes out of your week to explore the issues and topics critical to international education today. Learn from IE pioneers, leaders, and innovators. Grab a cup, press play, and enjoy a thought-provoking break.

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S2E9 Sustainable Development Goals and International Education


S2E8 Migration, Immigration and International Education

Dr. Sandra Schinnerl is the Manager of Programs and Initiatives at the UBC Centre for Migration Studies and Associate Faculty at Royal Roads University. Her current research looks at how higher education institutions and their organizations influence immigration policy.


S2E7 COIL, Mobility and International Education

Dr. Keiko Ikeda is a professor in the Division of International Affairs at Kansai University. She is the Principal Project Manager for the Inter-University Exchange Project and the Vice-Director of the Institute for Innovative Global Education at Kansai University.


S2E6 Ethical Partnerships and International Education

Fazela Haniff is Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Human Resources Strategist Consultant at ACEI-Global Consulting Group. She is the past President of the International Education Association of South Africa, and its first women president.


S2E5 Climate Action and International Education

CJ Tremblay is the Managing Director and Founder of Alethea Global, a sustainability consulting worker co-operative specializing in transforming international education into a more just and climate-conscious sector. She is also the current board Vice President of the Climate Action Network for International Education.